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CRM 611: The Sociology of Crime & Its Correction: Elite Deviance Assignment #2

Please write a 2-3 page paper on one of the topics below:

Identity Theft

Use at least two of the links below to write a short paper on the nature of identity theft and the adequacy of current enforcement.

Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Protection page

FTC testimony on identity theft (see esp Pt II, B. Impact on Consumers and Inadequacy of Remedies)

Crimes of Persuasion

National Fraud Center

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (great collection of resources)



Start at the US Consumer Safety Product Commission recall page and pick a category of interest  to you. I suggest the 'infants' category, but if you like to buy cheap extension cords, read the 'electronics and electrical power supply' section. Sample about 10 of the recalls and write a short report on the products that have been recalled and the reason for it. Include an overall assessment of how extensive the threat from defective products is.

In addition, under 'Household products,' read about Mealane fire sprinklers. What was the reason for the recall and what do you think would be an appropriate punishment?


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