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Speed Kills by Jeff Ferrell

Drug Wars, Crimes of the Automobile & A Cultural Criminology of Roadside Shrines

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roadside shrine with american flag and flowers by jeff ferrell (

All of which raises some other troubling questions of statistics, and politics, and imbalance, among them: How is it that a social problem like traffic fatalities that kills 40,000 people a year and a societal cost of $140 billion a year (Burns 1998, 9) is largely excluded from public discussion in the United States? 

How is it that the pervasively violent consequences of some social arrangements is ignored while the depravity and violence of others is so readily imagined? How is it that the stories about crack babies and crack attacks, about eight year old heroin addicts and superhuman meth junkies (Reinarman and Levine 1997; Reinarman and Duskin 1999; Jenkins 1999) are so readily believed, yet there are so few stories written about the countless roadside shrines, and people do not notice that endless roadside graveyard? 

Regarding the imbalance between deaths from speeding and deaths from speed, who are the real pushers, and who's pushing what?

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Jeff Ferrell. Culture, Crime, and Cultural Criminology. Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 3(2) (1995)

Jeff Ferrell. 9-11 and the Public Construction of Commemoration. Teaching & Understanding Sept 11. 

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Jeff Ferrell, Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy. Jeff's "Boredom, Crime and Criminology" (free full text .pdf) is based on his field research for this book.

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This text is excerpted from an article of the same title in Critical Criminology: An International Journal, v 11 #3 (2002). The full article (.pdf) is freely available from the 'key papers' section of Cultural Readers can also access full text via SpringerLink. 

Critical Criminology is the official journal of the American Society of Criminology's Division on Critical Criminology. The official homepage of the Critical Criminology journal is at Springer.

"Some experts caution that even if reliable crash-avoidance systems become available, they will never offset dangerous vagaries of human behavior. Advances in car safety often flounder against other factors that work to keep death rates up. Anti-lock brakes, for example, have become common, but studies show people are using them to take more risks in their stopping habits. Cell phones, navigation computers and entertainment systems pose unprecedented distractions to drivers. Drunk driving is up. Speed is up, along with horsepower and speed limits." Deadly Driving Trend Alters Safety Focus (Washington Post 3 May 2003)

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